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Being able to contact us is an essential part of our vision. With many other tools out there, their website is lacking in this department. Too many websites are host to what is an empty vessel with no face. You will find it almost impossible to find someone to help with a problem. There will be no contact details, nor any source of help in sight. It is one of the most off-putting features of anywhere when you’re in completely blind. This is why we have made sure to get everything right and treat everyone how they deserve. Not having anything to show for yourself makes it harder for people to have any trust in you. We are too familiar with that ourselves, so rejoice at a legit system being in place.

We have a reliable contact service that allows our users to speak to us whenever needed. As anything technical out there, people will find they need some service somewhere. This is no different with us, despite the easy tool we have on offer. We have dedicated some of our team to make sure all queries meet a conclusion as soon as possible. We respond within a 72 hour time window every time, online traffic situation pending. On the rare occasion our servers see overload, we ask you to remain patient.

At the moment we are dealing with requests via e-mail, but we are looking to expand further than that. In the future, we are hoping to have covered many different sources. Live chat is one of the main ones we are working towards as a fast track solution. Making sure visitors receive the best outcome is what we are desperate to ensure is the case.

You can even leave your contact details on the website if you’d prefer with a subject of choice. We will then get back to you in our own time to investigate what the issue is. The only situation in which you won’t receive a response is if the content is ridiculous. We’re sure you all know that we can only respond to messages within reason and not ones that don’t make any sense at all.

We understand that many people like to contact right away if they have an issue they can’t solve. But first, we’d suggest to head on over to the FAQ page we have. The reason for this is that there are many answered questions which could save you plenty of time. Instead of having to wait for a response from one of our members, you’ll have fast solutions. It may not cover what you’re looking for, but there is at least a good chance of it.

Feel free to contact us about anything you want. This may be a contact page carved towards support, but not exclusive. If there is something that catches our eye in the mailbox, we’ll be sure to respond to it. Always happy to interact with fans of Robloxs Hack to help us know you better and further our progression.

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