Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves as a question and answer portal to deal faster with any website and/or tool issues. As an alternative to the Contact page, this will be host to a format aiming for quicker solutions. We have gathered as much information as we can to display on the page. Accuracy is at the forefront of the intention, so don’t worry about false information at hand. We are always adding to the page due to the amount of questions we receive that may be of help.

If there is nothing here that helps you, then of course please do visit the contact page. We are more than happy to help, but for now take a careful look at the questions that appear on this page.




Q. Can I use this tool more than once?

You can indeed. We won’t be forcing you to bulk up on all the items you can gather at once. You can take your time in building up the goodies the tool can produce for your account. We understand that people may only take what they need for a particular day. Some people fear of too much having a negative effect on their account. Whilst this should not be the case, this option is still here if needed.


Q. Can I get banned when using the tool?

This should never be possible from the service we provide. If you find that your account if banned from Roblox, assume it’s your own fault. We would suggest to contact them to see what has happened in that scenario. But there is no way a ban can happen from using the hack tool.


Q. The tool doesn’t work for me, what do I do next?

We have a simple few listed steps on how to work the hack tool. If you follow them, you should have it working in no time. Be careful when reading them, then try to execute as accurate as you can. Make sure any details needed are input correct so that there is no confusion from the system.


Q. Where do I download the tool from?

This tool does not need a download of any sort. It is all hosted on this website, and we don’t offer downloads. There will be nothing from us that isn’t direct on this site. If you see any prompts for a download of a 3rd party app, cancel and ignore it. It won’t be from us and is likely to be an unsafe malware attempt.


Q. When will the tool process the action?

It should be within a few minutes at most. In some cases in may be instant, other times it can take a while longer. The only time it will take quite a while, is when traffic is hitting the website. This is a rare occurrence though so that isn’t something to worry too much about. The most common outcome will be that everything will process within a couple of minutes. If it takes too long for your liking, contact us for an update.