Terms and Conditions

All copyright of the Roblox hack tool belongs to us, so we need contact when it comes to permission of use. We do not own the rights to Roblox or any of it’s services. This is only a 3rd party system that serves as an external add-on to Roblox. It isn’t in official association with the game, so we can’t take responsibility for it. Any queries should only include everything about the tool, or the website. We do not have much information about the terms of the actual game, so we can’t assist in that area.

We are not in a legal binding with Roblox, so our involvement in game issues aren’t linked. If you have any problems within the world of Roblox, we’d suggest to contact the developers. They have an official website so will be able to deal with anything in their own right. The key issue is to be aware that despite our tool making accounts for Roblox, we aren’t associated. We never will be, for obvious reasons, but keep that in mind. There is a lot that could go wrong on Roblox if the rules aren’t followed, but our procedures don’t risk threat of that. If you find yourself in hot water, we have no input on those outcomes.

The use of this tool is to be within the terms and conditions we have set out. We will not tolerate any abusing of the tool or using it for reasons we do not approve of. If you’re found to be guilty of these actions, we won’t hesitate to issue a ban to you. From then on, you won’t be able to use our tool ever again. Be responsible when using it, and keep regards for your own safety as well as others. Any activity that results in the harm of other users will see you issued with a warning or permanent ban. This depends on the severity of the case, so please use us for good intentions. Stick to playing for yourself, not using the tool for immoral reasons.

There will be no endorsement from us for others to advertise anything here. Without our permission, this is not allowed at all. It isn’t allowed for our tool to host on any other website except this one. This is an especially strict rule as this is theft of our content. Breaking this territory will result in legal action taking place to protect us. Our image is important and we will not accept others taking credit for the hard work our team does each day.

Again, copyright is a serious issue and something we are not willing to take with a pinch of salt. We have a team that works hard to create amazing tools for people to use for free. If we see that hard work start to leak elsewhere with no credit given, we will act on it. Profiting from our work with no benefits to us is unacceptable in many ways and we will not allow it to happen.