Tips and Tricks

Here we have some tips and tricks to enhance your progress in Roblox. Some of these neat tricks are fun to pull off, and other are convenient to general play. We hope the content here helps you to further yourself in-game.

Roblox Cheats

To help with your progress, Roblox features a host of different cheat codes. This is a helpful feature that will enable players to skip a few corners and help them to become a better player. Below are some of the codes that are available to players at the moment, along with some extra tips:

“brickmaster5643″ you can use this code once you have the builder’s club, it will net you a bonus of 400 robux.
“94063” also in the builder’s club, this code will gain you free OBC.
You can perform Micheal Jackson’s famous moonwalk by holding up and pressing S.
You are able to change your experience level by typing / or – then enter 850000000000. After this the change should confirm.
You can put your arms through any type of blocks, except for lava and killbots.
By pressing CTRL and F1 you are able to put the game into a frozen state.
Gathering 10+ ghosts or zombies in the game will cause some minor lag. This then allows you to use the run tool and jump to perform Matrix actions.
It is possible to use flight in the game with the help of blocks. Stick 2 tiny white blocks to the upper part of your legs, then press up or down to perform the flight.
You are able to see a rip in a bag. To do this, you have to buy and wear a paper bag and a round head.

For more tips & tricks for Roblox keep tuned into this page as we will update it when we are able to. You can also submit your own findings to help contribute to the page. This way you can earn yourself a credit on the submission, and have it on our page. There is still a lot of discovery for this game, so we look forward to submissions.